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A Rock



A Rock 


A Rock . . .  mineral matter of variable composition, consolidated orunconsolidated, assembled in masses or considerable quantities in nature, asby the action of heat or water. 

BUT, not THIS rock!

Though this rock may have been made from heat or water, THIS rock represents 15 years of building young men and young women by teaching life lessons and Honor for this great game we play

In 2004, a small group of parents wanted their children to have the opportunity to continue their lacrosse career at Del Val High School.  Unfortunately, Del Val did not have a lacrosse team nor the budget to allow for one . . .   Undeterred, this group banded together, worked with the Del Val administration and those willing to help within our community, and literally built TWO lacrosse fields, to make Del Val HS lacrosse a reality.

Helping to shape young men and women, much like creating rock, takes effort, time, and patience.  Del Val Jr. Lacrosse has embraced this philosophy since its inception in 2002.  Over the years our work to support Wounded Warrior, Harlem Lacrosse, Trenton Bridge, Ovarian Cancer, etc. has all been in an effort to teach the children in our community that there is more to life than this great game they play.  Their effort and work is meaningful and can help others in our community, and ultimately have a role in the type of people THEY become.

Today, 15 awesome years from our founding, we challenge YOU to get involved in our mission.  There are 50 reasons why YOU should NOT get involved . . . . “I’m busy . . . I have to run kids all over . . . I work . . . My schedule . . . I don’t know anything about the game . . . I never played.”  Have you ever challenged yourself and asked “what do I bring to the table?”  Have you ever sat back and thought about the Charger’s mission?  Do you believe in it?  What can you do to help create an even better next 15 years?

Like our rock, we will continue to be here, continuing to do what we do.  What can YOU do to help shape where we will go?  If this was 2004, would you raise your hand to help build 2 fields for your children?  Today, for our 2016 season, will you raise your hand to help shape our future . . .?

Del Val Jr. Lacrosse.  It’s all about YOU!

Honor the Game!

posted 10/01/2015
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A Rock
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